FinOps 4 SAM – financial optimizing in Nestlé’s SAM

Florent Lea and his team are working on a project to optimize SAM costs. In the days of on-prem software, cost control was easier, but now that this becomes a thing of the past, compliance is no longer a problem, but cost control is all the more difficult. The question of cost optimization is a question of cost reduction. Florent Lea and his team want to reduce SaaS costs and SAM cost optimization becomes a question of SaaS transition. An overview must be gained of which functions of the software used are actually used and which are not, in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Software usage needs to be standardized, even though the terms in SaaS are not standardized, and for this, product owners need to be educated about optimization. In this session, you will learn:

  • How do we get better control over our SAM costs?
  • How can we standardize our software activity?
  • How do we define what we expect in the result?

Florent Lea

Global IT Asset Manager,
Nestlé S.A.


Establish management driven processes to optimize SAM and minimize costs

Transforming Businesses with Seamless Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Subscription model & change of software marketplaces


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