SAMS Europe AWARD 2022

Take your chance and apply for the SAMS Europe Award!

SAMS Europe Award 2022

To celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the SAMS Europe event, we will award the SAMS Europe Award. The award celebrates the best overall SAM project as well as the best Single Solution / Specific Issue in a SAM project. The SAMS Europe expert jury will review the applications and nominate the best projects. Taking place on the main stage of the SAMS Europe 2022 Conference, the award ceremony will give the winners the recognition they deserve after a live-voting session in front of the largest community of SAM experts in Europe.


Apply now: Get the recognition you and your company deserve!


Award Ceremony: Celebrating the best SAM & IT Procurement projects at the SAMS Europe Award Ceremony.


September 26, 2022, after the event.



What kind of projects are valid to apply with?

Apply if you…

…built a new SAM project from scratch.
…restructured or redefined processes globally.
…introduced SAM from the base up.

…set up a specific module for a vendor.
…found an innovative solution to a specific business problem.
…expanded your existing SAM program with important new functions.

Evaluation Criteria

  • INNOVATION – How innovative or unique is the approach?
  • SIMPLICITY – How easy is the project to realize and to maintain?
  • ACHIEVEMENT – What has been improved through the implementation?
  • MATURITY – Is the approach ready to use?
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS – What is the balance of development costs and savings?

SAMS Europe Award Benefits

Industry-wide recognition

during the SAMS Europe Award Ceremony where all key SAM stakeholders in Europe will be represented

Media attention

through an SAMS Europe Award press release, social media post and media exposure for all the winners, as well as during the ceremony

Boost your project

and foster enthusiasm of your efforts among your colleagues, employees, management and team members

SAMS Europe Award

trophy and certificate to proudly display in your office

SAMS Europe Award logo

available to include on all your marketing materials



May 31 – August 31: Submit your project by filling in the online application form


August 31 – September 14: Our expert jury will review all the applications


September 14: The nominees will be announced and asked to prepare a short presentation about their SAM project. The presentation slides need to be submitted before September 23.


September 26: The winners of the SAMS Europe Award will be announced during a live voting session. As a registered attendee you are able to vote either on-site or from where ever you are via our event app.

SAMS Europe Awards
Terms & Conditions


No applications for the SAMS Europe Award will be considered after the deadline of August 31, 2022

All applications must be submitted in English

Only applicants who have completed the award application with all required details will be nominated for each category. Your award application must refer to a SAM project in your company

Only projects that have been implemented or are already in an implementation phase are being considered. The project implementation of the project must not date back longer than 2 years

By submitting the application, you agree to the terms & conditions of we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH


All nominees will be asked to prepare a 2 minute-long presentation or video about their project. Style, format, and content can be based on individual/corporate design

The video will be shown live on stage during the award ceremony taking place on September 26, 2022, at the SAMS Europe Award Ceremony

Failure to provide a video/presentation may result in disqualification

All nominees must attend the award ceremony or send a representative


Besides being used for evaluation purposes, the information provided by applicants may be published on further channels by we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH.

We reserve the right to publish your project under your name and company name respectively. It is therefore advisable to ensure that all submissions are fully approved by your organization before applying.

The Winner of the SAMS Europe Award 2021

At the Award Ceremony during the SAMS Europe event, all nominees presented their solutions in a short presentation. Via live voting, the SAMS Europe community voted for their leaders and projects that show outstanding efforts to bring SAM & IT Procurement to the next level. Congratulations to Sberbank (1st Place), Atruvia AG (2nd Place) & Toyota Tsusho Systems Europe GmbH (3rd Place) for winning the SAMS Europe Award 2021 for the Best Overall SAMS Project!

Atruvia AG wins on top the Jury Choice Award 2021 for their project: Microsoft Enterprise Economics (MEE)

Congratulations to Sberbank, Atruvia AG & Toyota Tsusho Systems Europe GmbH for winning the SAMS Europe Award 2021!

The Winners of 2021

Winner Best SAM Project Overall

SberBank: Integrated SAM solution at SberBank

The proud winner of the SAMS Europe Award 2021 in the Category “Best SAM Project Overall” is Sberbank with their Integrated SAM solution at SberBank. Maxim Kachelkin as a representative from SberBank gave us a great insight into the project, live at SAMS Europe, and took part remotely from Russia.

Congratulations on winning 1st Place during the live voting!

Winner Jury Choice Award 2021

Atruvia AG: Microsoft Enterprise Economics (MEE)Microsoft Enterprise Economics (MEE)

With great surprise and enthusiasm, Atruvia AG with the repesenataives Sivia Bisio & Zabiullah Hamid received this year’s Jury Choice Award from our jury with their project: Microsoft Enterprise Economics (MEE). Thanks to the experts who evaluated all the projects to find the lucky winner.

This was not the only price they took back home…

2nd Place! Live voting

Congratulation on winning two awards in a row. Well deserved for such a great project, we are looking forward to the development.

3rd Place Best SAM Project Overall

Toyota Tsusho Systems Europe GmbH: SAM Pyramid

Right from New Delhi in India, we heard a great presentation at SAMS Europe 2021 from Gaurrav Manshawramani about their SAM Pyramid at Toyota Tsusho Systems Europe GmbH. Thanks for taking part remotely and giving such a deep insight into the project.

Congratulations on winning 3rd Place during the live voting! 

The SAMS Europe Award Jury 2022

Your Contact Person for the SAMS Europe Awards 2022

Julia Krause
Marketing Lead Finance & IT Events
Phone: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 – 269