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You would like to become a speaker?

We expect more than 40 industry speakers at the SAMS Europe this year. We are always looking for current and innovative topics & trends, which we would like to discuss live with you and our participants. You have a case study, a best practice or a challenge which you want to share with our community?

What are the ways you can get involved?


Your convincing presentation covers several key topics, addresses important questions and provides a suitable framework for the overall theme of the event – these are the essential features of a perfect keynote. Let your colleagues benefit from your experience, share your thoughts with the entire community and, as an expert, give the event the decisive content related impulse, which will initiate a highly informative discussion.

Case Study

Cutting-edge case studies from the industry on strategic approaches, project planning and operational implementation – an essential contribution to the event and the best opportunity for your optimal benchmarking with the competition. Share your most successful practices and interesting solution approaches with your peers, present your current project and benefit from the competent feedback of your community.


The Icebreaker Sessions are round table discussions on the eve of the conference with the aim to facilitate the first contact among the participants. Are you interested in approaching the overall topic of the event together with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere? Use the Icebreaker and place your overarching questions as a moderator and support the exchange of experiences with your individual questions and remarks.

Challenge Your Peers

The Challenge Your Peers Sessions are open discussions with the aim of gathering as many new ideas as possible. While the form of the discussion is open, the focus is thematically focused. Take up the opportunity and discuss concrete challenges, practical solutions, approaches and even provocative theses with your peers in the form of a structured brainstorming session and receive a multitude of impulses and highly competent answers to your questions.

World Café

The World Café Session is not only one of the most dynamic interactive formats at our events, but also the format with the most comprehensive results. Departing from concrete and precise questions, together with your colleagues your will work out solutions for your most important issues. Discuss the challenges and solutions over 5 rounds and collect interesting takeaways in each round.


As a dynamic alternative to the panel discussion, the Fishbowl Session serves primarily to find answers and solutions to overarching questions and challenges. In an intensive and interactive exchange, you and your peers discuss different perspectives on the questions that everyone in the business has to face. As the initial discussant, initiate the overall debate and help to prepare the content of the discussion. Summarize your impressions from the entire event, make comments and share your knowledge during the Fishbowl session, get feedback for your approaches from your peers and get great new ideas!


You see yourself as a thought leader, feel comfortable in your role as host, have a broad topic-related practical experience and the ability to summarize complex content and overarching questions? Then the role of the chair at the event is the right one for you. Frame the program with your comments and guide the participants of the event as a competent companion through the program.

We are happy to help you with the preparation of your session.

What information do we need from you?


Excellent lectures as well as interesting discussions deserve a corresponding title. Send us your exciting proposal. We would be pleased to support you in announcing your contribution optimally in the program. A good title is short and should have a stimulating effect, while at the same time representing the content of your session well. You are therefore welcome to use a more detailed and concrete subtitle.


In order for your contribution to be noticed in the program, we need an abstract, i.e. a short description of the content. What would you like to present? What is the key statement? What are the main questions you want to discuss and most of all: What are the key takeaways for the participants of your session?

Key Issues

Many lecture topics and discussion issues deal with complex relationships and a multitude of different aspects. Help your colleagues and reflect the essential aspects of your session in the form of 4-5 bullet points. Not only does it provide a better overview in the program. Additionally, as a table of contents, prior to the event you will receive a perfect timetable for your session, which will also make it easier for you to proceed on site.

Short Bio

Your peers want to get to know you. Present in a few sentences who you are, what your professional strengths are, where your main interests lie and what is currently your responsibility in the current company.


Your picture is part of your perfect appearance. Let your colleagues know which face belongs to the name and send us your current photo.

Company profile

Whether as a speaker or moderator, at our event you sail under the flag of your company. To introduce your professional environment to your peers, please send us a brief description of your company and, if applicable, your department. Let your peers know in a few sentences why your company is an exciting and pleasant environment for the implementation of your projects.

The Pop in Your Job

Behind every successful project there is most often a lot of personal passion. We want to know what your passion is. What drives you? Why do you find your work particularly exciting? Share in a few words, as a personal message to your peers, where your individual passion and professional life meet.


Our Sessions – Your Opportunity

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