SAMS Europe Award Winners 2018

We proudly present: The Winners of the SAMS Europe 2018 Award!

Single Product / Single Business Problem:

1st Place: Panalpina
2nd Place: Sainbury’s Argos
3rd Place: IAC Group

Overall SAM Project / Strategy:

1st Place: Signify
2nd Place: Johnson Matthey
3rd Place: Philip Morris International (PMI)

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Award Benefits

  • This award is the most prestigious recognition your SAM / SLM efforts can receive
  • Your project or process innovation gets honoured live at the elegant networking dinner
  • Help a good cause: the prize money will be donated to a charity project
  • Receive the prestigious award trophy and a certificate

Key Information

Made for the Communtiy and with the Community. The finalists of the SAMS Europe Award will get the unique chance to showcase their outstanding achievements during the first conference day! The 3 nominees for each category will be able to present their success stories in front of the whole plenum on the first conference day. The official award ceremony in the framework of the networking dinner will be hosted by a true SAM expert. All winners will not only receive a certificate and a trophy, but we.CONECT will also donate € 1,000 to a charity project on their behalf. Don’t miss out the biggest night of Software Asset Management and Software License Management! Apply now to win the most important award your SAM project can get!

Application Deadline: August 1, 2019

We are currently working on the application forms for 2019. If you are interested in applying, please reach out to Jennifer Hoge and we will let you know when the application forms are online.

Presented by we.CONECT, the prestigious SAMS Europe Award exclusively recognises, celebrates and honours exceptional projects in the following 2 categories:

– Overall SAM Project
– Single Solution / Specific Problem

The jury will evaluate all entries based on the following criterias comparing the starting point and the initial planning with the obtained results. They will take the whole course of the project into account including challenges, solutions, aims, motivation…

– Cost reduction
– Standardization
– Audit protection
– Process improvement
– Tool implementation

Award Jury 2018

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Your contact person for the SAMS Europe Award

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+49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 – 250

Hall of Fame 2018

On the occasion of the 7th SAMS Europe 2018, the leading networking conference on software asset and software license management, we.CONECT bestowed the renowned SAMS Europe award for the 7th time.

The winners in the category OVERALL PROJECT / STRATEGY are:

1st Place: Signify

In the overall category, the SAM as a Service project of Signify presented by Ellen de Belder and Rick Hendriks was awarded with the first place. The project can be summarized as: SUCCESSFUL implementation of MATURE Software Asset Management was not a walk in the park but, as a TEAM, with the right EXPERTISE and PERSEVERENCE, we made it WORK!

2nd Place: Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey was ranked second: the project presented by David Foxen can best described as “A best practice, effective SAM project that has started our journey towards a World-Class SAM Function.”

3rd Place: Philip Morris International (PMI)

Philip Morris International was awarded with the third place. The award application was submitted by Oleg Sergeev, who summarized the project as: Three eLearnings development for the whole PMI SLM community to establish the clear framework of PMI SLM processes and enable smooth SAM tool deployment.

The winners in the category SINGLE PRODUCT/SINGLE BUSINESS PROBLEM are:

1st Place: Panalpina

Christian Cornelius by Panalpina received the first-place vote by the audience for his team’s project “SAP License Optimization”: “With speed and passion Panalpina achieved SAP license transparency and savings.”

2nd Place: Sainsbury´s Argos

The IBM Strategic realignment project submitted by Daniel Begg, Sainsbury´s Argos, was awarded with the second place in the Single Product/Single Business Problem category. He describes the project as Using SAM to improve service levels for critical systems drives additional value by reducing service degradation.”

3rd Place: IAC Group

Susanne Voigt presented the AURIA Carve-out project by IAC Group at the SAMS Europe. The project is about the “successful split of SAP licenses between IAC and Auria completed on targeted date of June 30, 2018.”

Hall of Fame 2017

On the occasion of the 6th SAMS Europe 2017, the leading networking conference on software asset and software license management, we.CONECT bestowed the renowned SAMS Europe award for the 6th time.

The winners in the category OVERALL PROJECT / STRATEGY are:

1st Place: Kingfisher

In the overall category, the SAP optimisation project of Kingfisher presented by Colin Simmons was awarded with the first place, where the implementation of Snow Optimiser for SAP allowed Kingfisher to measure, understand and optimise their SAP licensing. During the project, a new IT platform was established, only based on a single global SAP solution.

2nd Place: F. Hoffmann La Roche

F. Hoffmann La Roche was ranked second: thanks to George Arezina and his team, the company realised financial savings through SAM, which will now be used to fund future clinical trials, enabling the company to produce life-saving medications.

3rd Place: ABN AMRO

With ABN AMRO’s progress from a pursuit for technical perfection of SAM tooling to a step-by-step approach, the company, which was represented by Anne Pietersma, was awarded with the third place for their project “Software Asset Repository Management”.

The winners in the category TOOLS/SOFTWARE are:

1st Place: Novartis

In the tool/software category, the voting resulted in a very close outcome. Finally, Jochen Hagenlocher by Novartis received the first-place vote by the audience for his team’s project “Cloud SAM for Salesforce” – a task in order to achieve transparency in the Salesforce Cloud Usage.

2nd Place: AstraZeneca

Rachel Ryan by AstraZeneca presented their AZ Software Store project which won the second place. The project helped AstraZeneca to unlock $2m annually through simplification, automation and sustainability in SAM.

3rd Place: Raiffeisenbank Russia

Raiffeisenbank Russia’s project was developed under the slogan “Don’t select a vendor – select a friend” – the audience voted the project presented by Maxim Kachelkin as third place.

CHARITY PARTNER 2018: Psychosocial Counselling Centre for Cancer Patients and Their Families e.V.

On behalf of the award winners 2018, we.CONECT will support the ‘Krebsberatung Berlin’ – a Cancer Counselling Centre.

Since 1983 the Cancer Counselling Centre has been advising and informing people suffering from cancer and their relatives. They offer support possibilities which help many patients and their relatives to deal with cancer, to overcome their physical and mental crisis and to redesign their lives. In this way, the team of the Cancer Counselling Centre provides relief in a situation that is often experienced as threatening.

The special feature of the counselling centre is that the employees themselves have been personally confronted with cancer, either as patients or relatives. In addition to training as psychologists or social pedagogues, they have an additional qualification as psychooncologists.

Although the counselling centre is financially supported by the Senate, it has also determined that part of the budget must be raised through donations. The counselling services are completely free of charge for those seeking advice.

CHARITY PARTNER 2017: Animal Shelter Berlin

On behalf of the award winners 2017, we.CONECT will support the Animal Shelter Berlin

Did you know that Berlin has the largest animal shelter in Europe? The so called ‘Animal City’ could fit 22 football grounds and is not only the home of cats and dogs, but also exotic animals, rodents, reptiles, monkeys and even farm animals. A top quality veterinarian and a rehabilitation facility are also part of the large animal shelter.

The animal shelter in the district of Falkenberg in Berlin has more than 1.500 animals waiting for a new home. The Tierschutzverein für Berlin und Umgebung Corporation e.V. (The Animal Protection Association for Berlin and the Surrounding Area) is supporting the animal shelter, which is only financed through private donations and the membership fees contributed by about 15.000 members. The Berlin Senate is not involved in the maintenance costs.

CHARITY PARTNER 2016: GermanNow!

On behalf of the award winners 2016, we.CONECT will support GermanNow!

With more than 1000 volunteers in Berlin, GermanNow! makes sure that refugees get access to initial German language skills for free – and regardless of country of origin or official status. They teach in the emergency shelters inside an ex-department store in the Karl-Marx-Str. and in the hangars of the former Tempelhof airport. The latter is one of Germany’s largest refugee shelters. The project was born in September 2015 in the Jahnsporthalle (a gym), which has now stopped being an emergency shelter. The group enables an immediate first contact with the German language right after the refugees’ arrival in the emergency shelters. The focus is on acquiring basic, conversational German for their daily lives in Berlin. The work in small groups ensures an intensive learning process.


On behalf of the award winners 2015, we.CONECT supported HELP.

Help- Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. to help refugees in northern Iraq. As a globally operating aid organization, Help supports people in need and provides fast and non bureaucratic assistance, independent of origin, religion or ideology since 1981. The project work is focused on the emergency and disaster relief, as well as long-term development aid and reconstruction projects.

Terms and Conditions

  • All the details must be submitted in English only.
  • Projects that have been awarded with the SAMS Europe Award before may not apply again.
  • This project has to be about Software Asset or Software License Management.
  • The Selection Committee will consider only those nominations providing complete information requested on the nomination form.
  • The implementation of the project should not date back more than 4 years.
  • A company may nominate more than one initiative for the award.
  • Only projects that have been implemented will be considered.
  • A jury will evaluate the suitability of all the nominations submitted for the different award based on the documents submitted. The jury‘s decision on mapping the nomination with the award category will be final and binding on the nominee.
  • Decisions of the jury are final and may not be disputed. The jury will adhere to our award guidelines.
  • Please note: Solution providers and consultants etc. are excluded from applying. However, it is possible for customers to apply!

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